Sudip Bandyopadhyay

Sudip Bandyopadhyay has been in the world of advertising, communication and design for the past 20 years. An artist, painter and photographer, Sudip has headed the creative department of some of India’s biggest advertising agencies, including Ogilvy and McCann.

After telling elaborately produced 30-second stories for almost a decade (Sudip has directed over 200 ad films), he has recently directed a simple, human story called Hope Aur Hum in the long format. Advertising teaches you how to communicate well in a short time, whereas feature films give you a larger canvas to build on. He finds immense joy in both the mediums.

Meticulous and extremely passionate about his craft, Sudip doesn’t shy away from demanding perfection from those around him. He loves handling difficult subjects and striking the right emotional chord through inspiring stories and performances. When not at work, Sudip is happiest cooking yummy food and inviting his friends over.

Somenath Chakraborty

Somenath Chakraborty aka Som is well known in advertising circles as a Creative Director par excellence. With a Bachelor’s degree in Visual Arts (BVA) from Govt. College of Art and Craft, Kolkata and a Masters in Applied Art from College of Art, New Delhi, under his belt, Som has spent almost two decades in advertising, with several national and international awards to his name. In charge of crafting all round communication for top brands across India’s best advertising agencies, he has been involved from creative ideation to final execution on films. Now he is all set to direct Ad films and follow his passion and dream.

When not watching a movie or leading the next big brand campaign, Som loves to wear a chef’s hat and cook up a feast that would befit a king! He also enjoys gardening and travelling.

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